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Monday, February 19, 2007

And once again, I find it.

This little black book does not disappear for too long. Here I am, moving to the little Akkroan hut, and I find it once again. Well. Guess I should continue writing.

Ghrast is dead. Meridith has taken over. I am feeling... odd. One of my old friends has been killed, by means which I do not know - yet I feel no major inkling of remorse. I shall always remember him of course. And now, his death has signaled a change in me. No longer shall I seclude myself, searching for a solution. I shall work to empower myself and Curse. Ghrast shall not have died in vain.

Meridith... ah young Meri. She will make a great Overlord. Let's hope she remains stable, and my lectures few and far between.

The more I explore Outland, the more I realize there is a greater fight there than Azeroth shall ever face. Demons around every bend. But they are not the only evil...

The Bone Wastes. True, unadultered, pure evil lurks there. The kind that permeates someone into the afterlife. Kel'Thuzad... he was forced into evil. Arthas, fooled. Kael'thas, option less. This... this is different. Evil of the worst kind.

Chosen evil.

The kind Gul'dan wrought upon his land. Most would first chose Ner'zhul... but he did not understand the consequences of his actions. He only wanted power. The same kind of evil that gave birth to the Legion. The same that leads the Fel Horde. The same that plagues Illidan - although, that is even debatable.

There is someone buried beneath those wastes - someone mortal - someone who was not born into evil like a demon. He whispered to me. He forced me to see what the Wastes truly hold. Spirits in all directions... so close together, there is no room to move. They cannot rest. He said "I did this" and left me, cold, alone, and disturbed. Even the Sha'tar had no answer for me... Let us hope I need not find it.


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