Munio's Journal

A Roleplaying Journal for World of Warcraft.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gone. They're gone. As I suspected, Meri and Plagos have disappeared. Now I am left to care for Curse until their return. Wonderful. If the Queen finds out...

I only hope she puts Plagos in the Overseer position and forgives him for his disappearence. She likes him. But Meri... She won't trust her anymore. She'll destroy the tome. She'll destroy Ghrast's legacy...

I better keep quiet. If she finds me in charge of Curse not only will she panic that some, what did she call me, "Liberal bag of human brains." Yes, that was it, is running her elite, she will also send me to some backwater post just to spite me. Not her idea of an elite force of Forsaken.

Monday, February 19, 2007

And once again, I find it.

This little black book does not disappear for too long. Here I am, moving to the little Akkroan hut, and I find it once again. Well. Guess I should continue writing.

Ghrast is dead. Meridith has taken over. I am feeling... odd. One of my old friends has been killed, by means which I do not know - yet I feel no major inkling of remorse. I shall always remember him of course. And now, his death has signaled a change in me. No longer shall I seclude myself, searching for a solution. I shall work to empower myself and Curse. Ghrast shall not have died in vain.

Meridith... ah young Meri. She will make a great Overlord. Let's hope she remains stable, and my lectures few and far between.

The more I explore Outland, the more I realize there is a greater fight there than Azeroth shall ever face. Demons around every bend. But they are not the only evil...

The Bone Wastes. True, unadultered, pure evil lurks there. The kind that permeates someone into the afterlife. Kel'Thuzad... he was forced into evil. Arthas, fooled. Kael'thas, option less. This... this is different. Evil of the worst kind.

Chosen evil.

The kind Gul'dan wrought upon his land. Most would first chose Ner'zhul... but he did not understand the consequences of his actions. He only wanted power. The same kind of evil that gave birth to the Legion. The same that leads the Fel Horde. The same that plagues Illidan - although, that is even debatable.

There is someone buried beneath those wastes - someone mortal - someone who was not born into evil like a demon. He whispered to me. He forced me to see what the Wastes truly hold. Spirits in all directions... so close together, there is no room to move. They cannot rest. He said "I did this" and left me, cold, alone, and disturbed. Even the Sha'tar had no answer for me... Let us hope I need not find it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Work in Progress

With all the work I've had for the Dawn, the Queen, my own personal troubles have been slightly neglected. Although my work for all parties intertwine often, it seems harder still to find the time to fix my sight - in between forrays into the Scholomance and Stratholme, why even the Blackrock Spire! Aside from that, Curse is becoming more excepting, and stable as of late. It is too bad I have not been around often enough to aide, as I am spending far too much time working.

I have one report for the Dawn and Queen to finish, then a short one on the languages of elementals that I thought I might write for Putrias, as he seemed interested by the little rant I made before. Maybe I should make a copy for the rest of Curse as well. As I mentioned before, my sight isn't any better. The one event I keep seeing in my dreams must have something to do with the problem of my sight, however I am not sure how to fix it. I know it happens in the Swamp of Sorrows, yet I do not know when. I've been looking into the Shaman's roster in Orgrimmar, in the hopes of finding one matching the description, however I have had no luck. I must rememeber the words of Archmage Ispusious, "Once you lose control of what you see, reality is but a dream."

It might have been better not to meddle with matters of time, but Chromie seemed adamant that I would be the best from the Dawn to settle Darrowshire and Andorhal's problems... she must know something I don't.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This week.

Well, this week has been fairly uneventful. The Curse meeting was excellent, and I found to refreshing to be able to attend one once again. The Dawn has meetings on the same day, and I can rarely make it. I made a venture into the lower half of the Blackrock Spire once again, and have yet to obtain the gems required to open the door to the upper level.

My sight grows less... controllable... I am seeing things when I do not open myself to it... and I fear some unwanted attention is coming to me...

On another note: I learned the method used by Shamans to teleport. They yank themselves through the Nether. No different then a mage's portal or teleport, but far less stable. Unsafe. Very unsafe. In places like the Swamp of Sorrow, Blasted Lands, Deadwind Pass, the Burning Steppes, Searing Gorge, and certain areas in western Kalimdor, that particular method of travel is risky for a amateur mage, let alone a mid-season Shaman with little to no understanding of the nature of the Nether. I see an accident waiting to happen... a lone Shaman wandering the Swamps, begins to cast his Recalling spell - hit by an Arcane Bolt from the palm of a mage! Why, that would tear him from this dimension to the next! In fact... I did see it...

Friday, October 13, 2006

A found book...

I have found this little book among the things I took from my last... trip... into Dalaran. And old Journal.

Many of the old pages have been ripped out, but this book shall serve the purpose well. With all the trouble occuring now, it would be wise to keep record of my thought and research in something I may enchant to only be ledgable to those I care for in my passing.

Guess I need to remove Khali from that list...